* 1995

* 4500 sqft, custom 2-story

* crawl space supply ducts; attic supply & cold air        return

"The Whistle" - before beginning the job the client made a comment about noticing a strange whistle sound coming from certain area of attic. Sure enough the whistle in the attic directed me towards a supply box wrapped in insulation. Nothing appeared wrong, but after removing the insulation what we found were contractors hiding their sloppy installation.


The whistle was coming from a disconnected 14" air duct supplying all of the 2nd floor supply registers. No different than cracking your car window on the highway. 

* 1988

* 2000sqft ranch

* crawl space supply ducts; attic cold air return

Corroded flex duct cold air return system has decayed over 25+ years from being exposed to high and low temp variances along with combating high/low humidity changes. The plastic shell first eroded away causing the insulation to open up a bit and leave the inner liner plastic air canal exposed for the same decaying process. 

What we found was the air canal plastic had become brittle and the slightest touch would penetrate and rupture. This causes the cold air return to pull dusty, unconditioned air from the attic vs. your home. 

The only remediation solution was to replace out the entire cold air return with new flex duct. 

* 1980

* 2500sqft ranch

* crawl space cold air return and supply ducts

"Seal First Before You Clean" - this was our last Angie's List ad title. It amazes me how air duct cleaning companies do not recommend professional inspection and sealing before they come out to clean. A seal will prevent dust and contaminants from being sucked in from an unsealed system while their VAC truck is pulling it out.  Don't ever hire a portable unit cleaning company or you'll end up with this poor job. The client was convinced they did a good job until I showed him these photos, since there were a few of them cleaning for 2/3 of the day. 

Not only was the system not cleaned properly by a company chosen a week before we came out, but what we found were 3" x 8" gaps from their floor joicing not over lapping like they are supposed to. The oringal builder never caught the issue which left the homeowner's entire cold air return system to pull crawl space air into their system. We found this in 4 different areas effecting different cold air returns. 

This is a perfect example of poor contracting as the foil tape quick fix attempt looks like they ran out of time.  What you see here is 2 different disconnects on the same return box causing the entire return system to fail.

The result is a system that has been using attic air as their source of air for many years. If you zoom in the photo of the cold air return box, you'll see insulation caked on the walls within. 

An infiltration issue this bad will keep a furnace or air conditioner cycling frequently based on extreme temperature differences in the attic vs. conditioned space.

* 1955

* 1500sqft ranch

* crawl space supply ducts; attic cold air return

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