Energy Auditing & Weatherization Services







blower door test  
- whole home depressurization test @ -50Pa
- diagnostic test provides overall
    leakage size in square inches
- audit report provided with areas to remediate
 duct seal  
- duct inspection
- minor repairs (metal tape patches; screws)
- duct seal (mastic sealant)
- photo documentation
our duct seal focuses on the entire accessible air duct system including furnace plenum, trunk lines, air duct runs (take offs, elbows, joints, and register boots. 


avg. price per furnace system;

price determined based on system's linear sq footage


*before rebate





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duct repairs
- corroded air ducts
- correct size adapters
- damper installation
- disconnected air ducts
- air duct re-routing
- new air duct runs

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